ps5 error CE-10005-6 Disc Reading Error (Fixed) (updated)

Hello Guys we have helped 20 million visitors to solve their error code of ps4 and now after launching ps5 a lots of users are getting ps5 errors while playing installing the game.

Error Code CE-10005-6

Today i got the Error Code CE-10005-6 on my ps5 while installing and copying and downloading the game into my ps5 from my disc drive.

I was coping with the marvel spider man then I start getting this error code. I have done lots of Research about the error code CE-10005-6 before fixing t my self then I came to know about the common reasons for the popping out of the Error code CE-10005-6.

playstation is also aware about this common error the ps5 players and console owners are getting it right now.

What is Error code CE-10005-6?

This eror is usually due to the error on reading the Data From the disc while installing or copying the data from the Drive.

The possible reasons for the Error code CE-10005-6 are crashed DVD’s, internal storage disk space, dirt and dust on disk and drive.

The main problem is Reading the data from the disc for the Error code CE-10005-6.

ps5 error ce-10005-6

How To Fix Error CE-10005-6 on ps5?

Easy Fixes for the error CE-10005-6

  • Reboot your ps5 completely unplug your ps5 and then plugin and start your ps5.
  • Clean the Disk Drive and also clean the DVD with soft clothes without scratches
  • Delete and Re-install the Game from the beginning.
  • Free up internal storage on your ps5

Reboot your ps5 to fix the Error CE-10005-6

The first thing on getting any error is Restarting your ps5 before anyother steps so if you have done in the past its ok but completely follow us for the solution of this Error Code.

After doing Reboot to your ps5 try cleaning the Disc and disk Drive after doing this please insert another DVD and try if you are getting the same error code CE-10005-6.

If you do not get the Error code then its ok try your Game that you wanna install if you have fix the Error code then Enjoy brother.

The main cause of this error code is data reading from the Disc so clean Disk reader also from dust and dirt.

Another main Reason for this Error code is internal storage of ps5 although you may have enough space but this error code has been fixed with this method a lots of other forum users, twitter, reddit users said that after freeup some space and cleaning the Disc has helped them to get rid of this Error while installing the Game.

RE-install the Game

If in the beginning you were getting the Error code and stuck on 80% and getting this Error and now after doing the above steps you have to completely delete the old data and re-install the Game for fixing up the Error code CE-10005-6.

Problems due to Error code CE-10005-6

This is a common Error also known by the playstation this error occours when your latest ps5 will have problem on reading the Data from the Disc.

If your ps5 has problem on reading the data from the disc while installing and copying the data from disc to ps5 then this error occours .

This error may be caused by the lack of storage on your ps5 or if your disc data has been corrupted or has dust so make sure your disc is cleaned and you have updated your ps5 to latest firmware for the fixed and updated system .

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